Liwen RFTM Ablation System

In October 2021, Venus Medtech announced the acquisition of Nuocheng Medical and obtained its Liwen RF  ablation system for the treatment of HCM. This procedure, developed by Nuocheng Medical in collaboration with Professor Liu Liwen from Xijing Hospital, pioneers the treatment of HCM with ultrasound-guided percutaneous intramyocardial septal radiofrequency ablation and presents a safe, effective, precise, minimally invasive and innovative option.

The Liwen RFTM ablation system has the advantages of minimally invasive approach, percutaneous myocardial puncture, less trauma, better efficacy, lower risk and faster recovery. The adjustable ablation needle can precisely control the area of ablation in real time according to the thickness of the lesion, ensuring a safer and more flexible procedure for optimal conformal ablation. Beneficial effects are observed in patients treated in the clinical trials, including less trauma, faster recovery, validated efficacy, and significant improvement in cardiac function.