RDN Therapy

The principle of renal denervation (RDN) for the treatment of hypertension is to ablate sympathetic nerves in the walls of renal arteries and disrupt nerve signaling to lower blood pressure. Clinical studies have demonstrated the significant safety and efficacy of RDN therapy in the treatment of uncontrolled or resistant hypertension. Patients with resistant hypertension tend to benefit the most from RDN. At the same time, RDN provides an alternative for hypertensive patients with a poor compliance with oral drugs.

In June 2021, Venus Medtech announced Renaly Ltd., a joint venture with Healium Medical Ltd., to introduce next-generation innovative RDN devices and expand the R&D, manufacturing, and marketing of RDN products on a global scale. Healium Medical is an Israeli high-tech company dedicated to researching and developing the therapeutic and imaging capabilities of ultrasound energy. The partnership will expand the portfolio of solutions Venus Medtech offers in important ways. RDN products will create synergies with the existing structural heart disease product line to extend more therapeutic options for global patients suffering from hypertension.