On December 7th, 2021, Venus Medtech announced the acquisition of Cardiovalve Ltd. The Cardiovalve system independently developed by the company is a transcatheter interventional replacement product for patients suffering from mitral or tricuspid regurgitation. Compared with products of the same kind, its transfemoral approach improves the safety of treatment in significant ways.

Cardiovalve’s treatment of mitral regurgitation has entered clinical trials in Europe and is currently in an early feasibility study in the U.S.. Furthermore, its device for the treatment of tricuspid regurgitation received 'Breakthrough Device Designation' by the FDA in January 2020 and entered an early feasibility study. It is worth mentioning that Cardiovalve is also the first privately held company to receive FDA's early feasibility study (EFS) approval for both TR and MR indications. 

For more information, please click::http://www.cardiovalve.com/

MitralStitch & DragonFly

Valgen Medtech developed MitralStitch, China’s first transapical device for the treatment of mitral regurgitation, DragonFly-M, China’s first transfemoral mitral valve repair device, and DragonFly-T, China’s first transfemoral tricuspid valve repair device. Currently, Mitralstitch and DragonFly have entered pre-marketing registered clinical trials. In particular, the DragonFly transcatheter mitral valve clip system fills the gap in transfemoral mitral valve treatment devices in China, putting Chinese players on the same level as top international brands in the R&D of interventional mitral valve devices.

In May 2020, Venus Medtech announced its investment in Valgen Holding Corporation, a leading company in mitral valve treatment technologies and systemic solutions, in order to consolidate its mitral valve repair product and tricuspid valve repair product pipelines and further improve the strategic blueprint for structural heart disease treatment. Venus Medtech now has a mitral valve replacement device (Limbus) in exploratory clinical trial preparation stage and a tricuspid valve replacement device in R&D. The investment in Valgen Medtech will create synergy with Venus Medtech’s existing product layout in the treatment of mitral and tricuspid disease to provide more innovative treatments for doctors and patients worldwide.